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The Weddingizer wedding planner is offered to you as guidance and a check list of items which you will probably need to arrange in order of urgency; including when to order the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, when to buy favors for a shower or the reception and when to arrange the reception. In fact most of the items suggested in this planner should be carried out as soon as is reasonably possible, & a year in advance might not be too soon. You should also bear in mind that if you decide to hold your wedding at a peak time such as June, then additional time should be allowed for booking.
If in doubt, then a provisional booking might be recommended. Generally the sooner you arrange/ book /order things the better, provided you're sure that you've decided on the correct item. Change your mind later regarding location / your gown or the bridesmaid dresses etc and you may lose your deposit of perhaps 50%. Also bear in mind that people's physical measurements are inclined to change considerably over a period of several months, especially the younger members of the wedding party. Many of the items mentioned here are totally flexible time-wise and some are in fact optional. The main requirement is that the bride and groom are happy with the arrangements.

We also include details of a few selected books which really will be useful to you.


Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning – The Day Before Your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

The Day Before Your Wedding

Bridesmaids luncheon.
You can of course hold this at any time near the wedding,

(even on the wedding day, if you think you’ll be able to spare the time and energy).


Decorate the ceremony and reception locations Finish packing for your honeymoon.

Get as much sleep as you can tonight.


Your Wedding Day

Cars should be decorated Allow plenty of time to get prepared

Have hair and makeup done; Bride, Bridesmaids, Mothers.

Don’t forget:

Marriage license

Officiant’s fee
(The best man should hand it to the Officiant).

The Ring(s)

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 1 Week Before Your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

One Week Before Your Wedding

Rehearsal & Dinner All the main participants, bridesmaids / attendants should rehearse their duties.

Check that all duties are allocated.

Give gifts to the bridesmaids and the wedding attendants.

Check that thank-you notes for wedding gifts have been written.

Have your hair cut/colored, if required

Start Packing the suitcases for your honeymoon.
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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

Hair cut for groom Prepare the wedding attendants and other participants for the Rehearsal regarding their duties and the schedule in general. Including speeches and toasts for the wedding reception.

Check that you have gifts for the bridesmaids / attendants.


Rehearse the first dance; probably a waltz or fox trot.


Address announcements for mailing on the wedding day.

Groom’s Bachelor Party.

Arrange Name & address changes to the following:Driver License
Vehicle Registration.

Bank accounts

Credit cards.

Social security.
Voter registration
legal documents.

Subscriptions .
Medical records.
Post office Employment records
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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 4 Weeks Before your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Four Weeks Before your Wedding

Contact any guests who have not replied to their invitations

Finalize the guest count and wedding reception seating layout

Confirm these finalized details to the Caterer .

Have the final fitting of your wedding dress with all the accessories which you will be wearing on your wedding day, including the shoes;
and with your hair styled & make-up as it will be for the ceremony.

Bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories.
Check that they fit.

Guest book choose someone to deal with it.

Gift for your fiancé Purchase .

Gifts for wedding attendants and participants.
Check that they have all been purchased .Hairdresser Make an appointment for yourself
and, if appropriate, for the attendants & the mothers.

Honeymoon wardrobe. Complete your shopping.

Wedding license requirements.
Check that you are complying with these

Obtain the marriage license.

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 6 Weeks Before your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

6 Weeks Before your Wedding

Confirm everything
Don’t allow any wedding specialist the opportunity to misunderstand what is required, or when it is required ; including ~


Wedding officiant.



Baker (wedding cake)


Wedding reception arrangements

Rehearsal /dinner




Men’s attire.


Wedding transport.


Photographer /videographer.


Accommodation for out-of-town guests.


Honeymoon (tickets).

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 2 Months Before Your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Two Months Before Your Wedding

Begin addressing and sending wedding invitations

Include with the wedding invitations instructions and a map showing how to find the ceremony and wedding reception locations.
Check that you have chosen the wedding jewelry

Keep an up-to-date record of the replies from the wedding invitations .


Bridesmaids’ luncheon, Make arrangements


Check that you have chosen the wedding favors


Attend your bridal showers/ parties given for you.
Play bridal shower games.
Give bridal shower favors to the guests


Finalize/Discuss wedding details regarding ~

Bridal dress maker / supplier


Bridesmaids dresses and accessories
/ wedding attendants attire


Men’s attire


Wedding officiant


Florist .


Caterers for wedding reception / rehearsal / luncheon.


Baker (or person who is making the wedding cake)


Wedding reception location


Rehearsal dinner




Wedding transport.


Photographer /videographer (discuss which shots you require)


Accommodation for out-of-town guests.


Honeymoon (tickets).


Arrange/Prepare to move belongings to new home.

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 3 months before your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Three months before your Wedding

Finalize menu Discuss with Caterer; check costs


Choose wedding cake / Baker
If you are having the cake made privately, locate the recipe for a wedding cake


Music for the Ceremony ~ decide and book .


Music for the Reception ~ decide on the wedding theme and
the song list .


Choose poetry or prose for the wedding ceremony or reception,
either traditional or personalized; or a simple poem relating
to marriage.


Purchase the bridal shower favors


Finalize the order/details of the ceremony with the wedding officiant, who in fact  may wish to meet with you around this time to counsel you .


Purchase wedding favors

Wedding portrait. Have photographs taken if you wish to include one in a newspaper announcement

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 4 Months Before your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Four Months Before your Wedding

Wedding band(s); order and if required, have engraved.

Purchase wedding favors / gifts to demonstrate your gratitude to the wedding attendants and appreciation to the guests.

Decide in more detail the type of ceremony and wedding vows that you want to have. Choose either traditional or personalized wedding vows to suit your own faith or general beliefs.

Wedding gift checklist . Maintain daily.

Prepare thank you notes to send after wedding.

Accommodations for for out-of-town attendants & guests
Arrange at a nearby hotel/motel

Wedding-night accommodations.
Reserve if you intend to remain in the area before departing for your honeymoon.

Transportation/ limousines to the wedding ceremony and reception

Check the marriage license requirements in your area (City Hall)
Take into account any need for blood tests, copies of birth certificates etc

Guest List Discuss and finalize.

Mothers & Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Accessories/Jewelry
Check that the ordering or purchase of these items has been done or is under way

Men’s attire ~ The groom, the fathers and male attendants should be arranged.
If formal wear arrange to rent (or purchase).

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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 5 Months Before your Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Five Months Before your Wedding

Bridesmaids’ Dresses & Accessories ~
Discuss with them the style and color theme, then taking into account their opinions, decide on the dresses and accessories to be worn. Bear in mind that a style and color which may suit one bridesmaid, may not be flattering to another.
Delivery time for bridesmaid dresses may not be as long as for the bridal gown, but the decision time may be rather longer.
Arrange the ordering of the dresses or material as soon as possible.

Start looking around for the following likely wedding suppliers and services.
Ask people who you know for recommendations for wedding specialists. Check out examples of their work and ask them for names of satisfied clients.

Place orders with ~

Caterers for the reception and any dinners or parties which you may decide to hold.

Florists for the ceremony flowers and bouquets.

Musician/DJs for the reception and possibly the wedding ceremony.

photographer /videographers .

Rehearsal dinner location: Reserve

Wedding Stationery. Choose, including ~

For the Announcements.

Invitations. Decide on the wedding invitation wording.

Thank you notes for wedding gifts.

Bridal Shower / Wedding gift Registries

Get information from travel agents regarding possible Honeymoon locations and discuss these plans with your fiance.
Decide and make reservations.

Decide on the style or theme of the reception Table decorations and Reserve.

Purchase Favors for your the wedding attendants, shower guests and possibly the reception guests.
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Wedding Organizer & Checklist: Planning 6 To 12 Months

Wedding Planner Checklist From ‘Weddingizer’

Six To Twelve Months (or more)
before your Wedding

Decide on a date and time when you intend to hold your wedding.
If you decide to have the wedding at a popular time of year, such as June, then then it would be advisable to book the ceremony and reception locations up to a year in advance.


Announce your engagement.

The Wedding Budget

Decide in outline the type of wedding that you would like to have, including the number of guests.
Work out with your fiancé an approximate budget for the type of wedding that you would like and discuss this figure with the people who you expect to pay the bills.

Decide in more detail the style of wedding which you will be comfortable with ~

whether it is to be a formal, semi-formal or informal ceremony and the location.


Decide on the general Theme of your wedding.

Choose a Color scheme for your gown and flowers etc, as well as your bridesmaids dresses.

Prepare a draft Guest List ; composed of suggestions and requests from both sides of the family.

This might be a suitable point for the future bride and groom to stop and think deeply whether the wedding which is taking shape is really the one which they want, or perhaps the one which others are pressuring them into;
Now is the time that they should begin to making bookings/ reservations and pay deposits.

Reserve / make the bookings and give the necessary deposits for ~

The wedding ceremony location and the officiant.

The wedding reception location.

Choose the wedding attendants

These may include the Maid of honor, bridesmaids, attendants; also best man, groomsmen, ushers and others, depending on the size & degree of formality of the wedding. Decide on how many flower girls and ring bearers you would like at the ceremony.

Ask if they will be willing & available to perform the required duties.

Choose your dress/ headpiece as soon as possible.
Check the delivery period and order as necessary

Discuss where you will live after you are married.
Discuss arrangements regarding any dependants which you may have.

Begin to make any necessary arrangements including house purchase etc

Newspaper announcement of engagement.

Engagement party.

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