Gifts For Wedding Attendants Creative Ideas: Wedding Attendants Gifts

Gifts For Wedding Attendants:
Ideas & Suggestions

Gifts For Wedding Attendants.
The custom of a bride and groom giving a thank you gift to each of their attendants is a tradition that has long been upheld; and a gift, prettily or elegantly wrapped, chosen with the personality, hobby or interest of a bridesmaid, flower girl, groomsman or ring bearer, in mind, is sure to be gratefully received.

The perfect gift for a bridesmaid, or a matron or maid of honor, could be some delicious gourmet chocolates, a pretty handkerchief, a scarf, wrap or shawl, a gift basket, a jewelry, trinket or keepsake box, a wedding purse, a posy vase, an ornament, or a book maybe a poetry or a prayer book – perhaps with a short inscription or a few pressed petals the same as those of the wedding flowers inside.

Fashion and fine jewelry are also popular gifts for wedding attendants. This is often given with the intention that the jewelry is worn at the wedding. However, unless you know if your attendants have or haven’t got pierced ears, rather than a pair of earrings, it’s probably safer to choose a bracelet, a pendant, a necklace, a pretty hair accessory or perhaps a tiara. Also, when choosing gifts for bridesmaids, remember to keep in mind that a gift for a maid or matron of honor typically costs a little more than those given to other bridesmaids.

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Gifts For Wedding Attendants:
Ideas & Suggestions

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Gifts For Wedding Attendants

Gifts For Wedding Attendants:
Wedding Attendants Gifts

Additionally, if you’re wondering when you should give your wedding attendants their thank you gifts; the answer is that there isn’t actually a right or a wrong time. However a bride often takes the opportunity of …continue reading…

Gift Ideas For Groomsmen

Gifts For Wedding Attendants:
Wedding Attendants Gifts

A best man or groomsman is sure to be pleased with a thank you gift such as a monogrammed handkerchief, a hip flask, a beer stein, a shot glass, a sports item, a watch, a Leatherman, a …continue reading…

Gifts Ideas For Younger Wedding Attendants

Gifts For Wedding Attendants:
Wedding Attendants Gifts

For younger wedding attendants there are lots of fun thank you gifts to choose from including candy, a piece of children’s jewelry, a watch, a cute plush toy such as a teddy bear, or perhaps a doll or other toy. A story, or educational book or a book of your choice is also a great thank you gift idea for a flower girl or ring bearer.

Especially designed with wedding attendants in mind there’s also a great range of unique and personalized keepsake gifts available. These lovely mementos include engraved gifts as well as gifts such as t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, glasses, piggy banks, umbrellas and parasols; plus jewelry gifts such as initial pendants, charms, lockets and cufflinks.

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